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Useful links

We do our best to keep these links up to date but do please let us know if you find that any of the links are broken.

Derian House Children's Hospice - the website of the charity we currently support.

New Fairy Tales on Facebook.

Other places you'll find the Editors: Claire's blog, Faye's blog,
Anna's blog, Andy is also Co-Fiction Editor for Interzone, Claire is also Assistant Translations Editor for The Adirondack Review and Anna also works for Booktrust.

Fairy tale related websites

SurLaLune - an brilliant fairy tale site containing 47 annotated tales and over 1,500 illustrations and 1,200 full text tales. It's also packed with fairy tale history and information.

Endicott Studio - an organisation dedicated to literary, visual, performance, and environmental arts rooted in myth, folklore, fairy tales, and the traditional stories of people the world over. The home of 'The Journal of Mythic Arts', which sadly ceased publication at the end of Summer 2008 but the full archive remains on the site.

Cabinet des Fées - an online journal of fairy tale fiction.

Fairy Tale Review - an annual literary journal devoted to contemporary fairy tales. There is a small amount of content available online.

Goblin Fruit - a quarterly online journal of fantastical poetry.

The Enchanted Conversation - a themed online blogazine.

Dante's Heart - a journal of myth, fairy tale, folklore and fantasy.

Marvels & Tales - a journal of fairy tale studies.

Magpie Magazine - a UK based print magazine, a collaboration of writers, artists & musicians.

Chagford Filmmaking Group - a non-profit, voluntary group dedicated to making films of British fairy tales.

The House of Fairy Tales - a UK based child-centred artist led project.

Project Gutenberg - the first and largest single collection of free electronic books. It contains many collections of fairy tales from around the world.

Sacred Texts - online archive of sacred texts that also includes folklore and mythology.

Abela Publishing - a publisher selling new editions of collections of rare and out of print fairy and folk tales from around the world. A percentage of the profit is donated to educational charities in the countries from which the stories originate.

Current and forthcoming fairy tale related events

Visit The Fairy Tale Cupboard for up-to-date listings of current and forthcoming fairy tale related exhibitions, performances and events in the UK.

For information on US events we recommend looking for information on Once Upon a Blog and the SurLaLune Blog.

Useful websites for writers

The British Fantasy Society - a community of the fantastic.

Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (British Isles region) - the only international organisation to support both published and unpublished writers and illustrators of children's books.

Literature Training - the first stop shop for writers and all those involved in creating or supporting new writing and literature in the UK.

National Association of Writers in Education - organisation supporting the development of creative writing of all genres and in all educational and community settings throughout the UK.

The Word Pool - website with a good section of information for children's writers and an excellent email list you can join.

Mslexia - magazine for women writers that tells you all you need to know about exploring your creativity and getting into print.

Essential Writers - useful site for all kinds of writers, by all kinds of writers

Poetry Kit - site listing poetry competitions, events and opportunites around the world.

Artsphere - Online UK Creative Arts Directory for jobs, opportunites, courses and events.

Kudos - a subscription listings magazine detailing current UK writing competitions plus an increasing number of Overseas contests.

Litmags - A free online database which enables readers and writers to more easily find literary magazines that suit their tastes and styles.

Duotrope - A free, searchable list of fiction markets (mainstream and genre). Also offers a calendar of themed publication deadlines.

Story - the website of the campaign to celebrate the short story. It's packed with stories, information, tips and competitions.

Contributing illustrators' websites

Faye Durston, linda sarah, Kevin Dean, Graham Dean, Esther Johnson, Jeanette Salvesen, Particle Article,
Leila Peacock, Laura Daligan, Nicki Dennett, Marina Rees
Louise Grant, Alex Craggs, Annie Dalton, Steve Lawson,
Irina Borisova , Lily Mae Martin, Mary Harris, Joanna Loring-Fisher,
Sam Rees, Sara Nesteruk
Rebecca Holder, Oona Patterson, Karen Davis, Cate Simmons
Alan Corbett, Adam Oehlers, Ann (Ruozhu) Sun, Eugenia Tsimiklis, Amy Hood

Contributing writers' websites

Elaine Crinnion, Lucy Ann Wade, Jacqueline Gabbitas,
K. A. Laity
, A.K. Benedict, Elizabeth Hopkinson,
Pauline Masurel, Dave Jeffery, Sophie Ward, Tori Truslow, Oliver Eade
Flavia Cosma, Alison Littlewood, Charlotte DeAth
Graham Burchell
Nicholas Royle, John Patrick Pazdziora, Gaia Holmes, Kelley Swain, Stephanie Campisi, Ryan Ormonde

A random selection of other sites we like...

Wonders & Marvels - a community for curious minds who love History, its odd stories and good reads.

Encyclopedia Mythica - online encyclopedia of mythology, folklore and religion.

Encyclopedia of Life - an ambitious project to organize and make available via the Internet virtually all information about life present on Earth.

The Medieval Bestiary - a site which gathers information about the Medieval Bestiary and its antecendants, as well as related information on the Medieval view of animals in general, both fabulous and real.

Curious Expeditions - a site devoted to unearthing and documenting the wondrous, the macabre, and the obscure from around the globe.

Shoe Tales - a communal art project looking for the stories of people's most memorable pair of shoes.

The Book Inscriptions Project - site that collects and displays personal messages written inside books.

The Cloud Appreciation Society - for cloud gazers everywhere.

Found - the home of found things.

Open Learn - free online courses from the Open University with a wide range of subjects.

Wee Badgers - our favourite badge makers! Great prices and super quick service.